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watch the video below or scroll down for the written tutorial to see how to create and then break using powerpoint 2013 a venn diagram using smartart to see how to break out the overlapping pieces of your venn diagram in powerpoint 2007 or powerpoint 2010 see how to make the center piece of a venn diagram. change the background color of a circle in your venn diagram the smartart graphic that you want to change right click the border of a circle and then click format shape in the format shape pane under fill click solid fill color and then click the color that you want. need a venn diagram in powerpoint here are simple instructions so you can either do it in powerpoint or in a free lucidchart template lucidchart lets you create professional looking venn diagrams with easy to use software with all editing taking place in the cloud it’s easy to collaborate with colleagues on a venn diagram. this article explains how to create a venn diagram in powerpoint 2010 using shapes and smartart. venn diagram also called primary diagram set diagram or logic diagram is a diagram that shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of. create venn diagrams in powerpoint format try our out of the box software to make your venn diagrams for powerpoint a lot faster than ms fice after the venn diagram is finished it can be turned into powerpoint format with 1 click here is a step by step tutorial showing you how to make venn diagram in powerpoint format start edraw. steps to create a venn graphic step 1 insert the venn diagram from smartart go to the insert tab smartart relationship select the venn of your choice step 2 ungroup the venn diagram we are selecting the basic venn to demonstrate the steps however you can select any venn diagram option from the smartart. .

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