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in powerpoint you can create your own theme to use in your presentations using the fonts colors effects and layouts that you prefer. a powerpoint color theme consists of 10 colors four text and background colors and six accent colors the colors should really be used as intended – don’t define accent colors as the first four text background colors and make sure you have six distinctive colors as your access colors. you can create a customized color scheme also known as theme colors in powerpoint and use it in other fice applications find a standard theme color that you like and then modify and save it in powerpoint. each powerpoint 2016 theme includes a built in color scheme which consists of sets of colors chosen by color professionals microsoft paid these people enormous sums of money to debate the merits of using mauve text on a teal background you can use these professionally designed color schemes or you can create your own if you think that you have a better eye than the microsoft hired color guns. powerpoint hyperlink color if you want to choose a special powerpoint hyperlink color and a color for links that have been clicked you can but the colors won’t appear in the theme color menus anywhere so don’t think you can sneak another two colors into the powerpoint color palette for general use. the first set of four colors defines the colors of the slide backgrounds and of the text and the second set the six accent colors defines the colors for shapes tables charts smartart etc. each microsoft powerpoint theme includes a built in color scheme to apply to your slides if you don’t like the available choices you can create custom color schemes in powerpoint to use in your presentation colors in a scheme work as a unit to make your presentation attractive 3 the theme. that s not a problem you can mix and match colors fonts and effects to create a unique look for your presentation if it still doesn t look exactly right you can customize the theme any way you want. summary in point 2010 it is easy to create custom color themes to jazz up a site theme colors can also be created in powerpoint 2010 with a few clicks. .

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