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change the theme to one with minimal color if your goal is to display little to no color in your presentation something plain with a white background apply the fice theme the design tab in the themes group click more under fice or built in locate and click the fice theme. then under theme colors the down arrow of the color that you want to change and then choose a color from the main list step 4 more colors and do one of the following the standard tab select a color the custom tab enter a recipe for a color that you want. when you apply a theme the color scheme for that theme is applied along with the other elements of the theme however powerpoint lets you change the color scheme from the scheme that es with the theme for example you can apply a theme such as opulent but then change the color scheme to the scheme from the verve theme. powerpoint color themes are key to make your presentation look consistent and professional we show you how you can add your own theme colors to powerpoint. modifying colors to adjust the color scheme of your presentation follow these steps under the design tab click on the colors menu in the drop down menu that appears select a color scheme you would like to use ce again you can preview the new colors by hovering your mouse over each for one to two seconds. apply and change a theme you see a color scheme applied throughout and a this is the theme powerpoint applies when you choose blank presentation from the. .

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