Conventional How to Apply A Design theme In Powerpoint

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to apply a different theme to your presentation do the following the design tab in the themes group click the document theme that you want to apply to preview how the current slide looks with a particular theme applied rest your pointer on the thumbnail of that theme. the themes group of the powerpoint 2016 design tab lets you select a theme to apply to your slides powerpoint 2016 es with a ton of carefully crafted themes that. applying a theme to selected slides in a presentation follow these steps to apply a theme to selected slides in a presentation open an existing presentation or create a new one in powerpoint 2013 select the slides in slide sorter view or within the slides pane on the left side of the interface that you want to apply a new theme to. right click the theme you want to apply then click "apply to selected slides " to change your theme if you later be es dissatisfied with it simply right click another theme and click "apply to selected slides" once again. in this article you will learn how to find and apply a powerpoint design theme for your presentation you will learn the impact of applying a theme on different parts. in the earlier article we have seen how to apply design themes in powerpoint and the aspects of the slide that affected by ce you apply a design theme. .

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