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change the theme colors to change the theme colors we should use following steps step 1 first of all we have to click on the design tab in the themes group then click colors and then click create new theme colors note the colors inside the colors button button image represent the theme applied to your presentation step 2 then under theme colors click the button next to the name of the theme color element that you want to change step 3. that sets the text color and other design styles ahead of time and each new slide you create es with the text color that you want changing the text color on the slide master applies the changes to text on multiple slides at one time the view tab choose slide master. first up what is a powerpoint color theme the color theme sets the colors you find in the powerpoint color palette under the fill color or text color options. tweetscoop tweetscoopif you want to change the font color used in a powerpoint font color in a powerpoint presentation if you change the theme. in this article i have described about to change theme font in powerpoint 2010 automatic text styles change theme theme color in powerpoint. sometimes you might not like every color included in a set of theme colors it s easy to change some or all of the colors to suit your needs from the design tab click the drop down arrow in the variants group select colors then click customize colors. how to modify your powerpoint presentation s you may need to change the colors and placement of your text how to modify your powerpoint presentation s theme. the color schemes in powerpoint themes are the best things to e from each pair is used for text powerpoint lets you change the color scheme from the scheme. learn how to easily and quickly change the default font in a new powerpoint presentation so you don t have to change the font with every new text box color. modify powerpoint theme elements to mix and ly text using the current theme fonts will update when you can change the background color by choosing a. .

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