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as shown below you can change the heading and body text fonts of an existing theme to meet the style of your presentation under sample you can see samples of the heading and body text styles that you ve chosen the design tab in the themes group click fonts and then click create new theme fonts. how to create a custom theme in powerpoint for branding branded theme for your own slides yet how to create graphics in powerpoint with smart art. save your template this process differs between the windows and mac versions of powerpoint windows file click save as select a location and enter a name for your template the save as type drop down box click powerpoint template and then click save mac file click save as template enter a file name and click save. in order to create a professional presentation in order to grab the au nce’s attention we use themes theme colors fonts and effects are not only. this eight step tutorial demonstrates how to create a custom powerpoint template for your export each art board into its own png file by about the theme of a. powerpoint color themes are key to make your presentation look consistent and professional we show you how you can add your own theme colors to powerpoint. theme effects are sets of lines and fill effects you can’t create a new theme effect but you can select one of the pre made effects to apply to the powerpoint theme you’re in the process of creating design themes effects and click on the effect you want to use saving your powerpoint theme. 7 tips for creating professional powerpoint it’s time to exercise your own creativity by if you have an idea that deviates from your chosen theme make the. .

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