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microsoft fice powerpoint includes pre designed arrow shapes to help you draw attention and provide interest to your slide s content insert an arrow shape to emphasize a direction or to highlight an important piece of data for your clients examples of arrow shapes in the default shape gallery include a bent arrow. learn how to create nice arrow styles using shapes for microsoft powerpoint slides or presentations. there are a number of methods by which you can make curved arrows in powerpoint in just a few easy steps. make an arrow select shapes on the insert tab and select the half moon symbol in the basic shapes area this creates a curved tail for the arrow credit image courtesy microsoft and drag on the slide to insert the shape reopen shapes and select one of the triangles in basic shapes to use as the head. home all tutorials powerpoint 2010 tutorial arrow in powerpoint learn to create 3 different custom arrow shapes in powerpoint follow our step by step. how to create a cyclic arrow diagram in powerpoint in this post i will demonstrate how to create a diagram consisting of four curved arrows as shown in the image. a curved arrow is a mon way to point to a key object in powerpoint and i ll teach you how to create on in this quick lesson i like to use an arrow like this to. when you re trying to highlight a key part of a chart or table you may want to use an arrow it s fairly easy to create an arrow in powerpoint 2007 but it is. presentation process. home powerpoint 2010 tutorial powerpoint arrow create branched arrow within 60 seconds follow our simple step by step instruction to create this useful shape in. .

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