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in this short video you will learn how to apply a new color theme to your presentation in powerpoint 2013 produced by business productivity s. apply and change a theme powerpoint 2013 training apply and change a theme you have more options for altering the theme within colors. the presentation will update to show the new theme colors to customize theme colors sometimes you might not like every color included in a set of theme colors it s easy to change some or all of the colors to suit your needs from the design tab click the drop down arrow in the variants group select colors then click customize colors. there to apply this color bination to the slide master i’ll open up the “slide master” click “colors” right click my newly created color bination and click “apply to slide master” there now that i’m happy with the corporate theme i’ll close down the slide master and save the theme shopping cart. we show you how you can add your own theme colors to powerpoint skip to main available from fice 2013 and later that if you change the theme colors. this video will show you how to change the color variants of your theme the color variants are the background colors of you theme not the font colors. changing interface color in powerpoint 2013 note that white is the color selected within the fice theme this causes the interface color to change to. .

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