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people asked us why is the exact size for powerpoint templates the answer to this question is that there is no particular size in pixels for powerpoint templates. within the context of finding the optimal image size or resolution for powerpoint or keynote presentation background images here’s all you have to remember an image that is 10in x 10in at 144dpi is the same size density as an image that is 5in x 5in at 72dpi. does anyone know the best size to make an image using shop to be used as the background image for. powerpoint will reduce the output size when the presentation design is larger than the output size imagine you have a textbox on a slide with text in black on a white background and a rectangle around it the presentation setup is of your final output dimensions so powerpoint will double each size automatically. i am attempting to put in a background image in a powerpoint slide how to resize a background image you can place and size it the way you want. learn how to create slide backgrounds for powerpoint in shop. powerpoint background tips how to customize the images colors and borders re adjust the size of the image under crop then crop again if necessary 9. this version of powerpoint has a default size of 16 9 for new presentation but you can create a different default for yourself start powerpoint. how to quickly edit powerpoint background graphics and click and drag to increase the size so how to change the opacity of an image background in powerpoint. .

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